Ways to consumer CBD

By David Jelinek |

How do I use CBD?

Just like THC, there are all kinds of ways to consume CBD, from lotions to gummies to traditional smoking. The key difference between all of them is the speed of delivery and duration of the effects ranging from fast-acting, short duration to slow, long (hours) cycles. We’ll run through the list here.


Edibles are a clean, easy, discreet way to use CBD. They come in all forms, gummies, drinkables, mints, chocolates, etc. It takes longer than most methods to kick in, anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours, and you’ll typically absorb about 20-30% of what you consume. 


Sublingual's or tinctures are the more efficient, no additive cousin of edibles that are meant to be absorbed under your tongue. Effects can kick in in as little as 15 minutes. 


CBD creams, lotions, ointments and transdermal patches are a great way to localize where you want to feel the medicine’s effects. If you have a bruise or a sore muscle, it’s a simple way to rub in your cream on the area and receive fast relief. 


Whether you are smoking CBD flower, vaporizing with CBD-oil or using CBD concentrates it’s a method that will get you relief the fastest - often 10 minutes or less - while absorbing a higher percentage of CBD (34-36%). Of course with inhalation, you have to account for potential negative health effects by materials entering your lungs. It’s important to avoid cartridges made with thinning agents, coconut oil (MCT), propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin, all which can cause damage to lung tissue. 

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