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About us

As a group of avid entrepreneurs (and lifelong friends) hitting our mid-thirties, watching as our parents age, and spending countless hours researching the many benefits of different alternatives that keep surfacing from very well-done studies, has reignited that fire within us.

With decades of experience in the health & wellness industry across different sectors, we came together with shared beliefs and a mission.

  • We saw many companies in the alternative industry just shoving everything that's potentially beneficial into a single product without regard for knowing the interactions between these different compounds in the body.
  • We saw high quality products unfortunately priced for only upper-class to benefit, meanwhile reasonably priced products made with cheap and ineffective ingredients for the rest of classes.

Nobility to us, has nothing to do with class, and everything to do with character. So we set out to disrupt the industry by creating simpler products, with purity and affordability as our cornerstones.

1. Create Simpler Products

We intentionally decided to include well-studied ingredients that have proven efficacy, in combination with exciting new cannabinoids that mesh natively to our physiological make-up.

Only allowing 3-6 active, pure ingredients into our formulations allows their powerful benefits to shine, without overwhelming our body & brain by throwing the kitchen sink.

2. Create the Purest Products

Living in the southwest part of Oregon fruitfully supplied us with the nation's best micro-climate for growth of these amazing, all-natural ingredients. We spent years helping farms dry, process, and yield return on their crop; as well as supplying labs with extraction material.

Relationships continued to build and so did the opportunity to turn our passion into something extraordinary.

3. Make Them Affordable

The current clash between the high priced supplement at luxury stores and the cheap(er) mass-produced supplements made with inadequate ingredients, upset us to know that millions of people don't really have access to the amazing benefits proven by these ingredients.

When we realized we already have everything to make these supplements available to these millions, we felt like it was our duty to create our ultra-bioavailable & pure supplements, made without the middle-man, and priced with our customers in mind.

  • Every hard working individual, every parent struggling to make ends meet, every person that wants more out of life and of themselves, should have the access and peace of mind to receive products that are effective, pure, and supportive to their needs and lifestyle.

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Certified GMP, Organic & Kosher

Tour Our Lab

Certified GMP, Organic & Kosher

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